Hi Ian

First, I want to tell you that I previously ordered a plate rack from another supplier. It was bespoke, lovely and I was so excited to receive it on the 12th November……then it all went wrong – the seller ‘accidentally’ refunded me without notice & was unhappy when I complained to him. It culminated in the seller sending me several very, very unpleasant emails, none of which I responded to but he didn’t stop his abuse for quite a trail…

And so, without my much anticipated plate rack & ’smarting’ somewhat, I tentatively looked again and found you. Talk about chalk and cheese! I didn’t think the sting of the previous experience could be taken away but, my goodness, have you! Purchase was easy; communication great; attitude of staff exemplary; delivery before expected; plate rack BEAUTIFUL & actually more what I wanted than the previous.

Thank you so much for, well, everything! My Dad has the ‘project’ of painting it but it will be on my wall before Christmas and I am already so proud of it. There truly was a platinum lining to losing my first and Ryan Matthews is it.

I really can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes