RM are proud to present a fantastic selection of Salvage and Interior design items built with from the hands of true British Craftsmen.  Craftsmen who understand what it is to produce a quality piece of furniture or design an unusual item that captures the attention of all who view it.

We have sourced salvage items made locally in Birmingham that use the scrap from our industrial heritage and items that were proud to be made in the Black Country.

Our interiors range of products, showcases the hand made Swedish Pine plate racks that are just so perfect in every way that everyone we meet wants one.

We also have a range of Sting helmets to remind us of our Motorcycle Heritage and where RM truly started over 12 years ago.

Welcome to RM, please browse our store and purchase our items – own a unique piece of metal art sculpture, a salvage item or the stunning Shaby Chic Pine Plate Rack.