At RM we are always looking for products that compliment our range and offer great value to our customers. We know many of our customers who have purchased plate racks also have a conservatory or patio doors leading out of their kitchen. So when we found this product we knew it would fit right in and be a product our customers would want.

RM Interiors are delighted to present you our patio door security lock, the ideal deterrent to stop would be thieves and burglars from having a go at your patio doors and gaining entry to your property. 

Hand crafted in Birmingham, UK and finished in white powder coat, this is the ideal low cost security device you need fitted to your patio doors and french doors.

Fabricated and welded from steel tubing and powder coated white to finish.  This door lock looks smart in your home whilst adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your property.

RM Patio Door Lock

  • Made from steel tubing with a white powder coated finish, complete with an adjustable width bar and locking pin.
  • To use simply slide over both handles, adjust, secure and lock in place.
  • Fits behind most patio doors with ease and provides a visible deterrent.
  • Adds extra security and provides peace of mind for your property.

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